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A.W. Gimbel, Inc.


Professional patent drawings for IP attorneys and inventors.

Decades of experience focused on helping you today.

Why choose A. W. Gimbel, Inc.?

A. W. Gimbel, Inc. specializes in Patent Illustration.

My name is Aaron Gimbel, and I can bring a depth of knowledge and experience to drawings for your patent applications.  I am committed to creating quality drawings.  My drawings are crisp and clear, with a style that suggests patent drawing.  I thoroughly enjoy the work, and believe this translates to a superior final product.

The drawings meet USPTO and other standards.

Correctly drawn and technically correct images are important to the patent examiner's comprehension,

so I make drawings to practical textbook standards.  "Measure twice and draw once" saves unnecessary attorney review time and revision expense.  Often I observe drawing issues previously overlooked by the attorney and client, so my services are advantageous even on seemingly simple cases.

Will it be general-to-specific or specific-to-general?

When feasible, some attorneys like me to make the drawings first, and then they write the specification.  This allows for laying out the drawing sequence scope from general-to-specific or specific-to-general.  Either way, with all elements presented and relationships revealed by 3D views, exploded views, orthographic views, section views, and schematics, it's often easier for the attorney to write the specification.

Both time-tested & creative techniques can work.

Successfully depicting complex or subtle aspects of inventions can be a technical and esthetic challenge.  I have found some solutions.  For example, see the unparalleled stipple surface shading on many of the drawings in the Design Portfolio.  It is amazingly cost-effective and accurate when surface shading is desired or required.

Make the examiner's task as easy as possible.

Avoid revisiting drawings already filed by ensuring they are done correctly the first time.  Complex rules and varying interpretations provide Examiners many reasons to ask for revised drawings.  So many rejected drawings I am given to revise were made by under-trained personnel with insufficient experience.  

Be better prepared for potential litigation. 

If litigation arises, professionally made drawings will show your intellectual property in the best light.

You will be better prepared to make your case.  Both judges and juries may favor clarity and consistency.

Add value to your intellectual property. 

A lot of people will look at your patent and will associate it with you or your organization.  It can only help your valuable patent to have drawings made with care.

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