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"Aaron Gimbel is the finest patent illustrator I ever worked with during my career of more than 25 years as a patent attorney.  I knew I could always rely upon Aaron’s knowledge and judgment.  But I could always tell immediately upon sight if a patent illustration was “an Aaron Gimbel.”  Aaron’s work is head-and-shoulders the best I ever saw.  Drawings from other patent illustrators are vastly inferior and are not in the same league as Aaron."    Bob Richardson, Patent Attorney

"Aaron consistently delivers a quality product that exhibits his incredible artistic talent and his impressive understanding of the subject matter. Aaron is an exception in the difficulty of finding professionals who not only draw well but appreciate and understand what they are drawing."    Josh Dobrowitsky, Patent Attorney

"Aaron has a unique ability to make illustrations that readily explain the nature of the invention for which a patent is being sought. His superb understanding of spatial relationships and mechanical interoperability has frequently been the single biggest factor in getting broad claims allowed in the fewest number of responses.

As Managing Member of our law firm, I require associates to work with Aaron for two reasons. First, his questions are always spot on and efficiently unmask the novelty of the invention. Answering them teaches our associates what they should be asking of the clients. Second, he has a knack for illustrating that novelty in a very understandable and observable way. An Examiner will often forgive a shortcomings in the specification because of Aaron's complete disclosure in the drawings. I have a third reason, as well, when we need to augment drawings, Aaron has always been very eager to please; he is a joy to work with.

As the adage goes, "A good picture is worth a 1,000 words." Aaron's drawings simply make me and my crew look good. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to do the best job for their clients. Examiners love his drawings."    Mark Lorbiecki, Patent Attorney

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