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Aaron Gimbel

Patent Illustrator

I began working as a technical illustrator in a research laboratory at the University of Minnesota.  Now called the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, it was staffed with people with diverse scientific and engineering backgrounds.  My job there was to create graphics for research projects, science journals, and engineering design drawings.  I worked for professors, research assistants, and PhD candidates, all with amazingly varied needs and goals.  I researched and experimented to find the best ways to complete the graphic tasks, and thrived in that environment of exploration.

After a long while, I moved to the Seattle area and began making patent drawings for attorneys and inventors.  It was evident technical illustration and patent illustration were very similar.  I realized the professors at the lab were actually my early clients, and my new attorney clients were now my professors.  I had many new things to learn; patent illustration has many more rules and restrictions than technical illustration.  But it still serves the same purpose as the work I happily did in the lab: to inform readers of content difficult or impossible to portray in writing only.  Hopefully this work aids individuals in their ventures to improve the common good for all people in the world.  I look forward to illustrating your patent drawings to help you reach your goals.

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